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Ai2 SrlAi2 Srl is an Italian system integrator company focused in developing collaborations in the area of innovative Web applications and content management solutions.
Ai2 customized and combined services provided by JeromeDL, a digital library with semantics, and AXMEDIS technology to deploy a process of semantic migration of bibliographic resources and their subsequent multiformat aggregation and multichannel distribution through AXMEDIS.

Ai2 built on the dContentWare project the AXMEDIS tecnology to:

  • provide services for authoring multi-format composition models of digital contents;
  • aggregate digital contents in predefined combination models
  • to provide multichannel distribution of digital contents by managing DRM

Thanks to the use of AXMEDIATECH technology Ai2 obtained significant advantages in the acceleration and optimisation of content production, protection and multichannel distribution by using automated procedures via the AXCP.

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Museo dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, FondazioneThe Musical Instruments Museum of the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (MUSA), holds one of the foremost collections of instruments in Italy. Its most valuable pieces are now on display to the public in its exhibition gallery.

Thanks to the use of the AXMEDIS technology visitors of the MUSA are now able to expand their experience with an AXMEDIS enabled PDA, that enhances the visit with multimedia content.The PDAs available for museum visitors are capable to play AXMEDIS objects. These can include a wide set of multimedia content: from simple files to complex collections, possible presented in an highly interactive manner.

By using the capabilities of AXMEDIATECH tools for automated content management, the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia is able to bring out cultural heritage in a simple and effective manner with interactive cross-media content that can be simply updated and personalised according to their needs.

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Publicom SpaPublicom Spa is a fixed wired and wireless Telecomunication Operator founded in 2001 in Italy, specialized in the deployment of TLC wireless and wired networks.

Publicom managed the CONNOI group of companies, a project with the aim to reduce the digital divide in many Tuscany areas. To promote to citizens the diffusion of broadband internet access in these areas, Publicom set-up a Social WebTV based on AXMEDIATECH CrossMediaFinder solution and called CONNOI SocialTV.

Main aim of this CONNOI SocialTV is to allows public bodies to easily share with final users contents related to the promotion of public services for citizens. Otherwise, citizens can actively participate by sending comments and content to feel local public authority closer to their needs.

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