AXMEDIATECH is technical partner of TRIPIX, a project co-funded by the Tuscany Region with the aim to set up a set of tools for archiving, processing, distribution and sharing of digital content in tourism.
AXMEDIATECH is technical partner of the recent ECLAP ICT PSP project.

A New version of the AXMEDIATECH AXMEDIS Content Processing Tools has been realised (May 2010, v3.0) and is available as free download. These tools are now available for free for research and no-profit institutions. Visit this page for additional details.

A new version of the AXMEDIS player for PDA Windows Mobile 5/6 (March 2010 v2.2) is now available for free download.
A new version of the AXMEDIS player for PDA Windows Mobile 5/6 (January 2010 v2.1) is now available for free download.
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AxMediaTech solutions automate content management for multichannel distribution and publication: Web Internet, broadcast, P2P, VOD, mobile, IPTV, user generated content, etc. with and without DRM.

The AxMediaTech AXMEDIS technologies reduce costs and increase efficiency in content management, providing support to automate the backoffice activities: content and metadata processing and repurposing, advertising, packaging, adaptation, fingerprinting, licensing, DRM, integrating a large set of CMSs and databases and managing any file format: image, video, doc, audio, animations, MPEG, MXF, NewsML, SMIL, HTML, XML, MPEG-21, etc..

AXMEDIS tools allows the convergence of media and interoperability of content to enable multichannel distribution (e.g., PC, mobile, STB, kiosk, iTV, PDA, etc). AXMEDIS is a flexible and interoperable solution for controlled P2P, media and interactive content, and DRM.
AXDRM, the complete solution for adopting MPEG-21 DRM for multichannel. Servers and licensing tools for DRM, verification, certification, detection of attacks, black list management, collection of actions logs with traces about rights exploitation, tools for administrative management, for PC, Mobile, STB, PDA with Windows Mobile 6 and up. [read more]
AXMEDIS Editor and players for MPEG-21 and AXMEDIS content authoring and playing (presentation SMIL, HTML, Flash, MPEG-4 and any digital resources), online distribution of DVD/CD-Images, SCORM wrapping, licensing, protection, packaging, workflow, playing, etc. AXMEDIS players for: MS Windows, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple MAC, Linux, Windows Mobile 5/6, and Java mobiles. They can be fully customized in terms of GUI and functionalities. [read more]
Content Processing, AXCP, to automate content production, protection and distribution, scheduling activities, supporting on demand services, managing backoffice for multichannel, managing multiple DRMs, managing multiple CMSs and databases, etc. It automates a large range of activities you perform manually or in a non integrated manner with other tools and workflow management systems. [read more]
End-to-End solution for mobile content production and distribution, for PDA with windows mobiles and Java empowered devices such as Sony/Ericsson and Nokia, support for user generated content, support for DRM and CAS on mobiles, etc. [read more]
Cross Media Finder the complete solution to create and manage IPTV/WebTV portal to play and download AXMEDIS content: video, images, documents, audio and crossmedia, for direct distribution, user generated content acquisition and DRM of any content into the web page (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox), integrated P2P download and tools with AXMEDIS P2P. Support for protected and non protected/DRM content. ( [read more]
AXP2P Controlled Network for content distribution via P2P, B2B and B2C distribution BitTorrent Technology with Query and Catalogue, Protected content, P2P Client Tools, Automated B2B content distribution via P2P, fast seeding, and efficient control of the P2P network, C2C content distribution and sharing, Content Sharing among, producers, integrators, archives and libraries, etc. [read more]
AXMEDIS tools appliance, affiliation/licensing and services can be requested.

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