AXMEDIATECH is technical partner of TRIPIX, a project co-funded by the Tuscany Region with the aim to set up a set of tools for archiving, processing, distribution and sharing of digital content in tourism.
AXMEDIATECH is technical partner of the recent ECLAP ICT PSP project.

A New version of the AXMEDIATECH AXMEDIS Content Processing Tools has been realised (May 2010, v3.0) and is available as free download. These tools are now available for free for research and no-profit institutions. Visit this page for additional details.

A new version of the AXMEDIS player for PDA Windows Mobile 5/6 (March 2010 v2.2) is now available for free download.
A new version of the AXMEDIS player for PDA Windows Mobile 5/6 (January 2010 v2.1) is now available for free download.
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The AXMEDIS Editor and GRID AXCP tools is the ultimate integrated solution to automate content management of any kind: video and audio adaptation, metadata processing, metadata enrichment, content ingestion, content repurposing, content distribution, content management, digital content management, P2P distribution, automated mobile content production, content fingerprint, content crawling, database indexing, CMS, search and query, active query, content retrieval, control of P2P, etc.

These tools are now available for free for research and no-profit institutions.

The AXMEDIS content processing tool is an open solution to set up your architectures of cloud computing, personal grid, for massive information management following your business rules, growth and integration demands.

AXCP tools is a Scalable solution for managing single and multiple:

  • content Ingestion and gathering, database management, crawling, indexing, archiving, gathering from OAI, etc.;
  • distribution channels: VOD, IPTV, WEBTV, DVB-T, web, P2P, FTP, etc.;
  • query, monitoring, download and publication on social networks: YouTube, Flickr, XMF (;
  • social network back office management, content processing and semantic/profile processing, see AXMEDIS XMF, semantic processing, ontology processing, rule processing;
  • content formats: any video format, any image format, any document format, any audio format, SMIL, HTML, MPEG-21, MXF, NewsML, XML, XSLT, etc.;
  • content for final user devices: PC, STB/PVR, i-TV, Kiosks, PDA, iPhone, and mobiles;
  • user generated content processing and formatting;
  • interoperable DRM (digital rights management) models: MPEG-21 and OMA;
  • business models on the same and multiple distribution channels and content: pay per play, subscription, counting, renting, billing, etc., for B2B and B2C;
  • services for content production and/or distribution on demands;
  • content factories and processing areas via workflows management systems such as OpenFlow and BizTalk;
  • content management systems, CMSs, and/or archives;
  • content storage and retrieval, active querying;
  • content processing, repurposing, adaptation, transmoding, transcoding for text, docs, images, audio, video, multimedia, XML, SMIL, HTML, styles, MXF, newsML, MPEG-4, MPEG-21, etc.;
  • metadata repurposing, adaptation, transcoding, integration, enrichment, validation;
  • content descriptors, extraction and comparison, fingerprint, MPEG-7, MPEG-21, etc.;
  • content composition, formatting, layout, styling;
  • communication with databases, FTP, HTTP, P2P and distribution servers via several protocols;
  • content packaging: MPEG-21, MXF, OMA, newsML, ZIP, etc.;
  • content protection via several algorithms;
  • content DRM with MPEG-21 and OMA, with tracking and reporting of rights exploitation;
  • content licensing, license production licensing;
  • content publication and distribution towards multiple channels;
  • workflow management integration with BizTalk and OpenFlow;
  • user management: registration, licensing, profiling, advertising.

AXCP full edition includes:

  • AXCP rule editor to create your process in simple way;
  • AXCP Visual Designer to create graphically your processing rules;
  • AXCP Scheduler to manage and activate rules periodically, or on demand, on single or on a multiple scalable GRID distributed architecture of your industrial computer or in the office;
  • a number of possible execution nodes for the AXCP grid setup and management;
  • interfaces to invoke AXCP from GCI, PHP, WS, JSP, etc. plus examples;
  • plug ins to access customization of your solution;
  • a wide range of examples, manuals and online help, and an open help-desk;
  • exploiting FFMPEG, ImageMagik and many other well known video, audio, and image processing libraries;
  • execution support for external processes;
  • support for fault tolerant solutions and architectures;
  • and much more...


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