AXMEDIATECH is technical partner of TRIPIX, a project co-funded by the Tuscany Region with the aim to set up a set of tools for archiving, processing, distribution and sharing of digital content in tourism.
AXMEDIATECH is technical partner of the recent ECLAP ICT PSP project.

A New version of the AXMEDIATECH AXMEDIS Content Processing Tools has been realised (May 2010, v3.0) and is available as free download. These tools are now available for free for research and no-profit institutions. Visit this page for additional details.

A new version of the AXMEDIS player for PDA Windows Mobile 5/6 (March 2010 v2.2) is now available for free download.
A new version of the AXMEDIS player for PDA Windows Mobile 5/6 (January 2010 v2.1) is now available for free download.
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AXMEDIS DRM the complete solution for adopting MPEG-21 DRM and multiple DRM solutions for multichannel. Servers and licensing tools for DRM, verification, certification, detection of attacks, black list management, collection of actions logs with traces about rights exploitation, tools for administrative management, etc., for PC, Mobile, STB, PDA. It is suitable for one authorization per second per server, 3600 single VOD per hours per server with low profile servers.
  • Software included:
    • AXDRM server
      • AXMEDIS registration service, plus MySQL license
      • AXCS (Certification and verification service plus accounting servers), plus MySQL license
    • AXMEDIS PMS server
      • DRM license server
    • AXCP production server
      • AXCP Rule Editor, AXCP Scheduler and one AXCP Node
      • AXMEDIS database and MySQL for MPEG-21 AXMEDIS objects, query support
      • Certificate to produce AXMEDIS protected content
    • AXMEDIS Editor included
    • Any number of AXMEDIS Players
      • without customization of them
      • they can be PC player or STB player or a mixt (STB devices are not included)
    • License production tools
      • AXDRM License maker Wizard
      • AXDRM Creator License Maker Wizard
  • HW included:
    • 3 industrial computers, for small systems may be reduced to 2 servers
  • Services included:
    • Production of Certificates for users via AXMEDIS Certification Authority, a fee for each Certificate/user/tool, has to be      negotiated on the basis of volumes
    • Two days of installation on site
    • 1 day training
    • SLA: Email assistance for 12 months
    • Silver Licensing included for 12 months
  • Optionals:
    • Service to manage for your AXCS and AXPMS, depending on volumes
    • AXDRM Accounting if the business model is based on counting and billing
      • AXMEDIS CAMART to collect actions logs from AXCS and AXDB (including MySQL license)
      • AXMEDIS AII tool for extracting Action Log from local database to Administrative DBs
      • Other instances of AXDRM tools
      • AXMEDIS compliant STB
    • AXCA: AXMEDIS Certification Authority, only if passing to Platinum Licensing
    • AXPMS domain, to produce group and domain based licenses
      • PMS domain and DUD manager
    • Customization of AXMEDIS player
    • STB AXMEDIS compliant with different level of interactivity and features
    • Web Portal body and
      • Licensing pages
      • Connection to payments systems
    • fault tolerant AXCP Scheduler with fail over and common network HD for data
    • SW license for additional AXCP node
    • customization of AXCP rules, to be discussed on the basis of needs
    • training course on AXCP Rules
    • additional AXMEDIS database license
    • design of Mobile Content and templates

For any additional information please contact: Nicola Mitolo: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it