AXMEDIATECH is technical partner of TRIPIX, a project co-funded by the Tuscany Region with the aim to set up a set of tools for archiving, processing, distribution and sharing of digital content in tourism.
AXMEDIATECH is technical partner of the recent ECLAP ICT PSP project.

A New version of the AXMEDIATECH AXMEDIS Content Processing Tools has been realised (May 2010, v3.0) and is available as free download. These tools are now available for free for research and no-profit institutions. Visit this page for additional details.

A new version of the AXMEDIS player for PDA Windows Mobile 5/6 (March 2010 v2.2) is now available for free download.
A new version of the AXMEDIS player for PDA Windows Mobile 5/6 (January 2010 v2.1) is now available for free download.
AxMediaTech AXMEDIS CrossMediaFinder Appliance PDF Print E-mail
Cross Media Finder portal to play and download AXMEDIS content: video, images, documents, audio and crossmedia, for direct distribution, user generated content acquisition and DRM of any content into the web page (Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox), integrated P2P download and tools with AXMEDIS P2P. Support for protected and non protected/DRM content.

Software included:

    • Cross Media Finder server
      • WEB Portal and AXMEDIS database support, Query support on cross media content
      • Cross media content rendering on IE and FireFox, automatic update
    • AXCP tools for automatically feed content database and for User Generateed Content production
      • Upload service for User Generated Content ingestion and automated adaptation and publication 
      • Including AXCP Rule Editor, AXCP Scheduler on the same server
      • Including AXMEDIS Nodes on the same server, extended Set of Plug ins
      • Including AXMEDIS database and MySQL for MPEG-21 AXMEDIS objects 
    • AXMEDIS Editor included
  • HW included:
    • 1 industrial computer
  • Services included:
    • Two days of installation on site
    • 1 day training
    • SLA: Email assistance for 12 months
    • Silver Licensing included for 12 months
  • Optionals:
    • customization of the WEB portal for the CrossMediaFinder
    • support for social networking, user profiling, registration, etc.
    • production of cross media content: from 10 to 50 Euro/each depending on complexity
    • additional AXMEDIS database license
    • AXCP solution optional
      • fault tolerant AXCP Scheduler with fail over and common network HD for data
      • SW license for additional AXCP node
      • customization of AXCP rules, to be discussed on the basis of needs
      • training course on AXCP Rules
    • AXP2P solution and integration
    • AXDRM solution and integration
    • multichannel support for publication toward mobile

For any additional information please contact:
Nicola Mitolo: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it