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Is there any integration with DMP?   9406
It could be very good to integrate our own metadata into AXMEDIS objects and use them in our applications and may be in yours. Should we come to AXMEDIS architecture, do you provide SDK or Web Services or some kinds of integration?   7955
One of the objectives of AXMEDIS is to reduce the cost of content creation and distribution. Is this at the expense of what could possibly be a significant technology investment and carries a high risk of arriving too late to market?   7800
One slight risk is on the decline in use of DRM may diminish the perceived value of the project. Many record labels are experimenting with non-DRM formats and some analysts see this as the futureof digital content.   8357
The current approach assumes that AXMEDIS would constitute the foundation of automated content and metadata production as well as DRM. Other strategies such as interoperability with other DRM systems needs also to be considered.   8136
The use of peer to peer technology at a B2B level may attract significant cultural resistance from content owners, who (rightly or wrongly) associate it with a lack of control over who can access their content.   8134
Users don’t like content tracing. When tracing content rights, how far is the user identity protected?   8703
Was AXMEDIS only research?   10276
What about at the DRM content where the license had been lost?   9055
What about content processing capabilities of AXMEDIS?   9157

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