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AXMEDIS is adopting proposed and de facto standards but it doesn’t provide an effective contribution to standardization processes. Moreover the huge number of standards makes the architecture very complex and difficult to be adopted.

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Tuesday, 16 December 2008
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AXMEDIS is scalable, depending on your application you can take only what you need. For example you can create a media player without MPEG-4, you can create a solution for the automated content production without MPEG-21, etc.
AXMEDIS is NOT ONLY MPEG-21 content and tools. AXMEDIS is:
  • innovative cross media content, the AXMEDIS format and model, a package that may contains/includes:
    • metadata,
    • identification codes,
    • content descriptors,
    • presentation layer with SMIL and/or HTML, style sheets, etc.
    • javascript for coding the content behavior
    • any other digital resource: images, video, documents, audio, games, data, xml, etc. any format in the same package
    • nested AXMEDIS objects
  • final and customizable authoring tool for interoperable content on multiple devices: in MPEG-21, SMIL, Dublin Core, javascript, etc.;
  • final and customizable players for interoperable content on multiple devices: PC, PDA, STB, capable of playing AXMEDIS format, MPEG-21, SMIL, HTML, MPEG-4 audio visual and 2D/3D graphics, images document, animations, audio, video, also in
  • GRID based platform for automated content production and multichannel multi-format distribution, the so called AXMEDIS AXCP
  • final and customizable P2P integrated distribution model, controlled P2P, the so called AXMEDIS P2P
  • final and customizable DRM models: MPEG-21 and OMA, and open to cope with many other DRM models

So that AXMEDIS is not only MPEG-21.